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My three guiding principles of IT middle management

February 18, 2019

The beginning of the year means performance evaluations at my workplace. I gladly welcome them as I enjoy having open conversation and feedback about my contribution to the company.

One thing I’ve newly experienced was having to conduct my own evaluation! While there’s usually a small portion of the process to throw in a comment or two about your own performance, I’ve never experienced the insight of holistically evaluating myself for someone else. As the time nears for me to conduct this annual self-eval, I reflected on my role and summed up three main tenets I subscribe to being in IT middle management:

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My first pull request and other programming progress

August 27, 2018

As I’ve always said but never done, I wanted to explore into programming but have only casually skimmed its concepts and did a lot of copying/pasting to get work done. However, with the help of Chovin, I’ve been delving into programming more than I ever have before.

It first started with my joining of freeCodeCampGuam and enrolling in CS50, the popular Harvard course on intro to computer science.

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