About Me



So you’ve stumbled upon my blog, huh. I bet you’re wondering, “why is this girl a self-proclaimed ‘it girl’?”

Let me clear that up for you. It’s an acronym, I-T as in information technology. I love the IT field and have been engrossed in it from a very young age. My step-dad was a Network Administrator for the Superior Court of Guam, so naturally, we always had computers lying around with dial-up Internet access. That coupled with my curiosity (or boredom?), it was only a matter of time until I started poking around computers and the wonderful world of the Internet.

Anyway, my name is Sky Resendez and I live on the beautiful island of Guam, where we’re ten years behind the times. But with technology and forward thinking, I’d like to slowly change that.

My background is in network engineering, though I’ve also studied pre-electrical engineering and am currently working on my second degree in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management from Arizona State. Also! I did, at some point, major in Fine Arts in the Music track with a concentration in classical piano… yeeeah that didn’t go so well, so I switched back to IT. I’m a wannabe programmer that dabbles in scripting languages and I even wrote my own app. Granted, it’s super simple and it was a spur-of-the-moment project I took on for my job, but I’m looking forward to expanding my abilities and adding projects to my repertoire.

Among other things, I love business and the psychology behind it, nature, geek culture, fitness, and most importantly, my family ♥.

Cthulhu fhtagn!