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Don’t short-change your business

January 12, 2017

When I first started my plant business, Miskatonic Gardens, I felt bad about taking people’s money. I wanted to discount everything for everyone, which can be BAD for business. There were a few nights that I set up at the Mangilao night market, a place where people love to haggle for goods. I can NOT haggle. I fold every time. It makes me uncomfortable to say “no” to people who are asking to pay less for my merchandise. I end up questioning myself–am I charging too much? Are my goods really not worth this price? Am I potentially getting ripped off?

It made selling to people face-to-face an unpleasant experience. Since then, I stuck more to being a distributor and selling my plants through third parties. I also deferred all of the large orders/special event inquiries to the sales manager. Disconnecting myself from the sales aspect of the business really helped to firm my resolve in pricing.

Fast-forward a couple of months. I run into a few entrepreneur friends in different scenarios that result in me using their services or buying their product. But each time, they discounted the services and goods for me, just for being a friend.



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