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May 31, 2015

Guam is soooooo beautiful, and every so often, feelings of guilt and regret arise from taking this island for granted.

I haven’t taken my paddle board out since it’s been repaired. Quite frankly, it doesn’t seem that it was repaired properly and I’m afraid that going into the water will ruin it, cause me to sink while I’m on it, or something silly like that. I suppose that trying to preserve my board contradicts the whole purpose of even having one.

Anyway, I woke up early this morning wanting to work out but the gym is closed for renovation and the Agana gym is so tiny. So Byung suggested I take my paddle board out. I was reluctant, but packed it up anyway and went to visit my brother to drag him along with me. I bribed him with food so he begrudgingly trudged along.

I’m kind of tired of Tumon, so we went to a beach along Pago Bay. Wow, it was suuuuper low tide; the water barely touched our ankles. Ok so this is going to sound dumb, but I’ve always been skeptical about quicksand. Sure, I understand how quicksand works, but every time I see people getting stuck in it on TV, I think it’s stupid and smh at how much they dramatize trying to escape it. So the sand at Pago Bay? TOTALLY LIKE QUICKSAND AND SUPER SCARY. I felt myself sinking with each step and it gradually became harder and harder to pick my feet up. Eventually, both my feet were stuck and I fell over from struggling to raise my foot. Talk about terrifying!

View of Ricky’s Beach – Yona, Guam

Anyway, so that beach was a no-go and we decided to scope out Tagachang, despite knowing it wouldn’t be suitable for a paddle board. However, we took a detour to Ricky’s Beach, even though my brother said my “body can’t handle it because [I] worked out yesterday.” lol.

There are two ways to get there. First, you can drive into Tagachang, go out onto the beach there, and walk along the shore around the cliff to your left, OR you can take the hard way. We freaking took the hard way, only because we both didn’t know about the Tagachang way until later.

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