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June 9, 2015

I’d like to say that the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive within me, and I’ve been fostering it since my high school days. My first attempt at creating a “business” was a tech repair shop circa 2008 that specialized in tiny gadget repair and modification such as iPods and iPhones, PSPs, game consoles, laptops and PCs. It was named–and I’m embarrassed to admit–skyPod Electronics. I charged little to nothing for the repairs and shamelessly plugged my services into a variety of free outlets including MySpace, Guam Chat, and Craigslist.

Another project I had was a handmade craft shop called Lemondrop Charms. I made geeky keychains on a small scale, but I eventually grew tired of crafting on command, so I slowly stopped listing my items.

My most recent attempt at a venture was an IT consulting/web programming stint with my former boss. I got the business license about two years ago, but got hired at Coca-Cola shortly after. Despite not having much time and still seeing the void in the market, I wanted so badly for my business to bloom. I thought that with enough of my paycheck and sleepless nights while working my full-time job during the day, I could make it happen.

I was so wrong. I was tired all the time, I neglected a lot of my work, and I did everything halfheartedly, as opposed to the usual gusto I possessed. I was so crushed, as this was my first actual attempt at a grown-up business, and I didn’t want to fail, but things seemed to continue to trend downwards.

My significant other didn’t think the idea was feasible to begin with. He generally had a pessimistic view and played the devil’s advocate like, ALL THE TIME. However, he ironically had the amazing idea of asking my CEO to take the business under his wing with me at the helm–it is, after all, my brainchild.

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